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Selecting a subscription size
Selecting a subscription size

Learn about what size represents and how to select the right one for your community.

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The pricing for the deluxe plan is based on the subscription size tier you select. Therefore, it's important to understand how this sizing is determined and how to select the best option for your community!

Determining community size

We measure the size of a community based on the number of approved accounts on the website, not the number of members.

Accounts vs. members

On our platform, a member represents an individual registered on your website (e.g., John Doe). An account groups members and addresses and typically represents a single household in the community (e.g., John and Jane Doe at 123 Oak Road).

Therefore, an account most commonly contains one or two members and one address (although accounts can contain more members and/or addresses). If your community members have registered, you can view how many approved accounts are on your website from the "Account view" tab in the "Members" section of the Admin Portal.

Size-based limits

The subscription size will determine how many text message credits and email accounts a community is allotted. You can view more information about the amount given to each subscription size by visiting our "Pricing" page.

Selecting the right subscription size

In general, we’ve catered the text message credits and email account limits to meet the needs of each size community. Therefore, the subscription size you choose will likely be primarily driven by the number of homes in your community. For most communities, the relationship between the number of homes and the number of registered accounts will be close to 1:1, but communities with more rental properties might have more registered accounts since tenants and owners would have separate accounts.

Adjusting subscription size

If you find that your community needs more email accounts or text message credits than the current size you selected allows, you can easily increase this size! When you do this, you'll have the option for this change to take effect at the next renewal, or you can make a prorated payment for that change to take effect immediately.

In addition to being able to increase the subscription size, you'll also have the option to decrease it. This could be a good option if you have some accounts that you've merged or deleted, and it places you at a lower account threshold. When a community’s subscription size is decreased, that change will take effect at the next renewal.

Instructions for how to make this change are provided here: Adjusting your subscription size.

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