We're committed to providing you with features that connect you with your community. One of the ways we help you do this is through our blast text messaging feature! We've provided more information about how to use this feature below.


Relative to emails, text messages incur a much greater cost. As a result, there is a limit on how many each community can send per month. This limit also means, however, that there's never an extra charge incurred using this service. Since the costs vary significantly from country to country, we use a "credits" system to determine how many messages can be sent.

How it works

Each community will be given a certain number of credits per month based on its community size. These credits do not roll over from month-to-month; instead, the credits will renew on the first of each month. You can view the number of text message credits allotted each calendar month based on community size by visiting our "Pricing" page.

When a blast text message is sent, each text that's delivered uses a certain number of credits based on which country the recipient's phone number is from. Different countries' phone numbers require a different amount of credits (see breakdown).

Credit Usage

On the "Send text message" page in the "Communications" section of the Admin Portal, our interface will predict in real-time the number of text message credits that combination of recipients will require.

You can also see the number of used and remaining text message credits when sending a blast text message. This will allow you to more easily track how many credits you have left in a month.

If a blast text message is going to require more credits than you have remaining, a message will appear that prevents your message from being sent. This way, you can never go over your credit limit.


If a member isn't receiving your blast text messages, first confirm if that member has included a cell phone number on their member profile. You can view this information from the "Members" section in the Admin Portal.

Text messages will only be sent to those who have a cell phone number listed.

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