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Text message credits
Text message credits

Information about how text message credits are calculated.

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We're committed to providing you with features that connect you with your community. One of the ways we help you do this is through our blast text messaging feature! We've provided more information about how to use this feature below.

How it works

Relative to emails, text messages incur a much greater cost. As a result, each community is allotted a certain number of credits each month based on its subscription size. If your community is on a trial of the deluxe plan, you'll receive 10 credits for the duration of your trial.

Each allotment will occur according to your community’s billing cycle. For instance, if your subscription renews on the 15th of the month (whether a monthly or yearly subscription), you’d receive a monthly allotment of credits on that date each month. (If a subscription renews on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, and there are not that many days in a particular month, the community will receive the allotment on the last day of that month.)

You can view the number of text message credits each community size is allotted by visiting our "Pricing" page! Also, when a blast text message is sent, each text that's delivered uses a certain number of credits based on which country the recipient's phone number is from. Different countries' phone numbers require a different amount of credits (see breakdown).

Accumulating credits

Rather than expiring, unused credits can roll over to the next month. Each community can accumulate up to 3x the number of credits allotted to them each month.

For instance, if a community is subscribed to the 200-account tier, they would receive 400 text message credits per month. This would allow them to accumulate up to 1,200 credits.

Credit usage

On the "Send text message" page in the "Communications" section of the Admin Portal, you can view the number of available text message credits when sending a blast text message. This will allow you to more easily track how many credits you have left to use.

Our interface will also predict in real-time the number of text message credits the selected combination of recipients will require.

If a blast text message is going to require more credits than you have remaining, a message will appear indicating you can purchase more credits.

Purchasing credits

In addition to receiving allotted credits, you can make one-time purchases. Credits can be purchased for $0.02 USD each, with a minimum purchase of 100 credits. A community can purchase up to 5x the number of credits allotted to them per calendar month.

For instance, a community subscribed to the 200-account tier would receive 400 credits each month. They can purchase up to 2,000 credits each calendar month.

If additional credits are purchased, when sending a text message, our system will consume all of the allotted credits before consuming any purchased credits. You can view the number of allotted and purchased credits available from the informational notice at the top of the "Send text message" page in the "Communications" section of the Admin Portal.

Tracking credits

You can easily track your credits from the "Text message credits history" page. Allotted and purchased credits are independent of one another, and this page will detail a history of activities that affect both of these balances.

As shown in the screenshot below, you can view a log of all credits that have been received, used, and purchased. Since they’re separate, allotted and purchased credits will display in two separate tables. (The “Purchased credits” table will only display if a community has purchased credits in the past.)

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