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About blast text messages
About blast text messages

Q&A about blast text message credits, assigned phone numbers, supported phone carriers, and more.

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The blast text message feature available in the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal is excellent for sharing short announcements and urgent information with your members. Keep reading to learn more about how this feature works and how to use it to connect with your community!

How many text messages can I send?

Your community will be allotted a certain number of text message credits each month based on your subscription size. To learn more about how text message credits are calculated, check out the following help article: Text message credits.

How are phone numbers assigned?

Your community will be assigned a static phone number if one hasn't been assigned already after a blast text message is sent from the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal.

How long do you have an assigned phone number?

After a phone number has been assigned, it will remain assigned to your community as long as you actively use the blast text messaging feature! However, if more than 6 months pass without you sending a blast text message, the phone number will be unassigned from your community.

Can I add this number to the contact list on my mobile device?

Once a message has been sent, future text messages will use that assigned phone number for all U.S. and Canadian recipients. Since those recipients will receive future messages from this same phone number, they can add this to the contact list on their mobile devices so they know those messages are coming from your community!

However, recipients in other countries will continue to receive messages from a different arbitrary phone number each time a blast text message is sent to them.

Where can I view which phone number a text message was sent from?

Those with the "communications" administrative privilege can see which phone number a message was sent from when viewing the details of a text message in the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal.

How long does it take to send a blast text message?

This timeframe depends on the number of recipients of a blast text message. Phone carriers impose a limit of 10 messages per second. Therefore, if our system thinks a blast text message will take more than 5 minutes to deliver to everyone, a message will appear, estimating how long this should take. An example screenshot is provided below.

Can you reply to blast text messages?

You can reply "HELP" for help or "STOP" to cancel receiving these types of text messages from your community. However, a general reply to the information sent is not supported for blast text messages.

Which phone carriers support blast text messages?

We support all major phone carriers in nearly every country in the world! If you have a question about a specific phone carrier, please contact our customer success team.

Where can I manage my contact preferences for this feature?

On your website, you can log into your profile and manage your contact preferences by following the instructions in this article: Updating your member profile contact preferences.

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