Merging two accounts

How to merge two accounts together, and what it does.

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First, a primer on accounts... An account groups together related members and addresses. It usually represents a single, complete household, but could also represent things like your property management company or a vendor.

Sometimes, though, related members end up in separate accounts by accident. This is where the ability to merge accounts is useful. This feature allows you to combine the members and addresses of two accounts into one.

What it does

Members of both accounts are combined without attempting to remove any duplicate members, since doing so could lead to unexpected data loss.

Addresses from both accounts are merged together as well. For addresses specifically, it does attempt to eliminate duplicates.

It also updates any past payments to ensure they're associated with the new, merged account.

Note: If the two accounts don't have the same account type, the account selected from the "Merge with..." dropdown will be the one that keeps its type.


To merge two accounts, start by navigating to the "Members" section in the Admin Portal and clicking the "Account view" button.

Next, find one of the two accounts you want to merge. Click the "Action..." button and select the "Merge with another account" option from the dropdown menu.

On the next page, select the account you want to merge from the drop-down menu. Then, click the green "Merge" button.

Warning: Merging two accounts together cannot be undone.

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