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Update your account privacy preferences
Update your account privacy preferences

How to adjust your account privacy settings.

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Members have the ability to update the privacy preferences for their account at any time. An account is comprised of a group of members and addresses, and usually represents a complete household.

These privacy settings will determine what information is displayed for the entire account and not just for the individual member. If a member would like to update their individaul privacy settings, they'll want to check out the following article: Member profile privacy preferences.

The account-level privacy preferences will determine what information is displayed or hidden from the "Resident Directory" page for the account as a whole. 

What you can hide

  • Home phone numbers

  • Community addresses 

  • External addresses 

  • Entire account

Note: If a member has selected to hide their account from the "Resident Directory" page, they will still show up in the "Members" section of the Admin Control Panel for administrators to see. 


  1. First, log into the community website and click on your name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Account settings."

  3. In here, click on the "Privacy" tab and select your privacy preferences.

  4. Once you've finished, click "Save."

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