Account types help categorize accounts by how they relate to your community. An account typically represents a single, complete household; it's type is generally something like "Homeowner," "Renter," "Lot owner," etc.

Each account type also imposes an address requirement. This helps customize the registration process based on what type of addresses you need from different types of accounts. The available address requirement choices are:

  • At least one address in your community

  • At least one address (not necessarily in your community)

  • Do not collect addresses

Using account types

Account types can also be used when restricting pages (shown below) or when sending communications, among other things.

Creating account types

Full administrators can create any number of custom account types to suit your community's needs. When creating a new account type, you'll want to keep the following in mind:

  • Account types should relate to an account as a whole. (Accounts typically represent households.)

  • Only one account type should apply to any given account.

  • An account's type should generally never need to change. 

Account types should not be confused with groups, which are much more flexible and designed to change over time. If you create a new account type that should be created as a group instead, you might receive a warning like the one shown below.

How to create a new account type

  1. In the “Settings” section of the Admin Portal, click on the “Member & account registration” tab from the list of categories.

  2. On the next page, select the "Account types" tab.

  3. Next, click the green "Add account type" button.

  4. Select a name (or create a custom name) and choose an address requirement.

  5. Lastly, click the green "Add" button.

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