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Register using a shared email account
Register using a shared email account

A workaround for how to register the same email account for multiple people.

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By design, each member logs into their own member profile, and “accounts” are used to group together members and addresses (like a household). This allows granting admin privileges, placing people into groups, adding page editors, etc. at the more flexible individual level, rather than the household level. 

For this reason, the same email address cannot be listed for more than one individual, because we wouldn’t have a way of telling which person is logging in. Even still, if there are two individuals that share an email account (like couples), there is a workaround! 


We recommend taking advantage of the plus sign (+) feature supported by many email providers to form distinct email addresses without actually creating entirely new email accounts. When a plus sign is included correctly, all email messages will still go to the original email address. 


If a couple shared [email protected], they could register with [email protected] and [email protected].

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