You can easily notify members of an available online payment option on your website, by sending out a one-time announcement from the "Online Payments" section in the Admin Portal. When you send out an announcement, a blast email will be sent to the selected recipients notifying them the payment option is available to pay on the website and will include a link to where they can pay it. This is a great tool to use to prompt your members to make a payment directly on your website!

Announcement limits

You can use the announcement tool once per online payment option. This limitation is in place to ensure members aren't sent repetitive emails. If you need to announce a payment option again at a later time, we recommend using the blast emailing feature in the “Communications” section to do this.


First, visit the "Online Payments" section in the Admin Portal. Here, find the active online payment option and click on the megaphone icon under the "Announce" column.

Next, select who you'd like to notify about the available online payment option. To do this, click on the drop-down menu next to "Add..." After you've selected your recipients, click on the green "Announce" button.

A blast email will then be sent to those members notifying them of this payment option. An example of this email is included below.

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