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Creating online payment options
Creating online payment options

How to create an online payment option.

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Once you’ve set up the online payments feature, you can create new online payment options by visiting the "Online Payments" section in the Admin Portal.

Here, click the "Create payment option" button. On the next page, fill in the fields shown on your screen to tailor the online payment option according to your community's needs.


For the amount type, you'll have the choice to enter one single fixed dollar amount, multiple fixed amounts, or to allow the member to determine the amount.

If you need to create an online payment option that people will need to make multiple payments on (e.g. monthly dues), select "Allow multiple payments per account."

You’ll also determine whether members will be able to pay with a card and/or bank account and if the transaction fees will be passed along to your member or if these fees will be deducted from the amount your community receives (learn more).

Announce the payment option

If you'd like members to be notified when a new online payment option is created, learn how here.

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