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Instructions for creating accounts for members.

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Importing members allows you to register the members in your community that have not already registered. When you import members with the same address and account type, they will automatically be grouped into the same account.

Each member imported with an email address will be able to log into their own member profile and receive communications.

Our system will automatically send an email to members (with email addresses) that were included in your import with information about what the account is for, how they received the account, and a link to choose a new password for their member profile. To learn more about why we notify members, check out this article: Why we notify members upon importing information.

Getting started

Visit the "Members" section in the Admin Portal and click on the “Add” button from the menu at the top. From the drop-down, select “Import in bulk.”

On the "Import" page, download the import template found in the first step shown on your screen. Please note that the template varies slightly based on which country you're located in.

Completing the template

The template is provided as a plain CSV file, which can be opened in most any spreadsheet editor. Go ahead and open it in your preferred spreadsheet editor (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets). Starting with the second row, add one member per line. Note: The first row contains the column headers; be sure not to remove or modify this row in any way!  

The following pieces of information are required for each member you add:

  • Account type

  • First name

  • Last name

In addition, if the account type you chose in the first column requires an address, you'll need to provide address information for that member. In the United States, those columns would be labeled:

  • Street address

  • Unit number (may be hidden, optional, or required based on website settings)

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP code

Although the email address isn't required, it is highly recommended for each member so they can log into their member profile and receive communications. Likewise, the cell phone number (if you have it) is encouraged so that you can send text message announcements to members.

After completing the template, save the file as a CSV file. Return to the "Import" page in the "Members" section of the Admin Portal and click on the green "Continue to upload..." button.

Next, click on the "Choose a CSV file..." button and select the saved CSV file. Afterward, click on the green "Continue to review..." button.

Review and complete

The review step allows you to preview the information you provided for each member, and view any errors that our system has found. 

Every error must be resolved before you can complete the import process. If our system has identified errors, fix them in your CSV file, go back and upload the updated file, and re-review the results.

If no errors are identified and you're ready to import and notify members, click on the green "Import and notify members" button at the bottom of the page.

Our system will create member profiles and accounts based on the information provided in the template and send a welcome email to each member's email address. Learn about why we notify members right away.

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