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About online payments

Overview of the online payments feature.

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What is the online payments feature?

Our online payments feature is a fully-integrated system designed to facilitate payments from members to the community via their community website. 

With our online payments system, you can set up multiple online payment options, each with its own customizable settings.

The online payment options you create will be available to all members that have registered for an account on your website. Each member will have the ability to log in to pay each active online payment option, view their online payment history, and manage their saved payment methods. 

For additional information, and best practices, we encourage you to check out our blog post, Why online payments should be on your wishlist this holiday season.


In order to use this feature, communities must meet the following requirements. This information along with a community representative's information will be collected during the initial setup process.

  • Your community's website is active on the deluxe plan.

  • Your community has a legal entity established in a supported country.

  • Your community has a bank account held in your community's legal name that's located in the same country in which the legal entity is established.

Payment methods

When creating an online payment option, you can specify which payment methods are available (card and/or bank account). Payments made with a card are fast and convenient. Payments made with a bank account are slower but incur a smaller transaction fee than payments made with a card.

For card payments, we support all major card brands in every supported country.

Note: If your community is located outside of the United States, you will not have the option to use a bank account as a payment method.


Each payment made will incur an additional transaction fee which can either be passed on to members to pay or absorbed by your community. You can decide which you prefer when creating your online payment option.

In rare instances, you could encounter other fees, such as a chargeback fee. To view details about transaction fees and other fees, see this help article.

Balances and deposits

Processed funds will pend for a short time before becoming available to transfer. In the United States, they'll pend 2 business days. We make transfers weekly on Mondays. To read more about how balances and deposits work, see this help article.

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