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Viewing the communication details
Viewing the communication details

Where to view details for communications sent from the website.

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The communication details are available for all communications sent from the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal. Here, you'll see a history of all email addresses that received a blast email, phone numbers that received text messages, and mailing addresses that letters were sent to, along with other reporting statistics. These are always available for you to reference back to at any time.

How to access

To view the communication details, you'll need to first visit the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal. Next, find the communication you'd like to view the details of and click on the blue magnifying glass under the "Details" column.

On the next page, you'll be able to see who the communication was sent to, as well as additional reporting information (e.g., the status, if it was opened, and if any links were clicked).

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