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Updating your member profile contact preferences
Updating your member profile contact preferences

How to adjust your member profile contact preferences and a description of each option available.

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Each member has the ability to log in to their member profile and update their contact preferences at any time. These settings allow you to select which types of communications you’d like to receive from the website. The screenshot below shows the default contact preferences that are selected for each member when a profile is created.


  1. First, log into your community website and click on your name in the upper-right-hand corner.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Member settings."

  3. Here, click on the "Contact" tab and select your desired contact preferences.

  4. Once you've finished, click "Save."

Below are detailed descriptions of each contact preference available:

Notification emails

A notification email is generated when an individual comments on a forum topic you have created or if you’ve commented on a topic and another member comments after you. As a note, when you post a topic/comment to a forum, this email will not be sent to you.

Additionally, a notification email will be sent to you if you’re listed as a recipient on a contact or custom form and someone selects you to receive the submitted form.

Emails from administrators

This option includes any blast email that is sent from your community’s website. With this option selected, you will receive an email when a calendar event, survey, or online payment is announced or if an admin sends a blast email from the “Communications” section in the Admin Portal.

Alerts from residents via the alert page

This contact preference will only apply if your community has added the “Resident Alerts” page type to your website. Using this page, any registered and approved member who has access to view the page can send out an alert message to all community members. An example is provided below.

Administrative communications

This preference affects members with administrative privileges. When this option is selected, you will receive email notifications related to the privileges you’ve been granted. For instance, if you have access to manage members, you’ll receive an email when an individual registers on your website. If you manage the community’s billing, we’ll notify you of an upcoming or late subscription payment.

Text messages

When an administrator selects to send a message via text message, this will be delivered to the cell phone number on your profile. These messages are typically used for sharing short announcements and urgent information with members.

Additional forum notifications

When these options are selected, you will receive notification emails anytime there is activity on a “Forum” page, regardless of who created the post. Depending on what is chosen, this would include all new topics created and new comments added to a topic. ​

What’s Happening email frequency

What's Happening emails are sent weekly or monthly and include a summary of notable new content and highlight upcoming events in your community. A website administrator will select the recommended sending frequency. However, as a member, you can choose how often you'd like to receive those emails if you do not want the recommended option set by the website administrator.

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