Admins with the necessary privileges can delete members from their community website. Additionally, members can delete other members from their own account.

What gets deleted

Deleting a member removes everything contained within the member, including:

  • Contact information

  • Profile information

  • Privacy & contact preferences

It won't, however, remove any content that the member posted to the website—whether as an administrator or as a regular member. So things such as documents they uploaded, calendar events they created, and forum posts they made will remain intact.

Even though the content they posted doesn't get removed, many of the places where the member's name is listed with content they've posted (like forum posts, classifieds listings, etc.) will, going forward, indicate that the content was posted by a member that no longer exists:

Other effects

The member will no longer be able to log in, so they won't be able to access any restricted pages on the website. Further, they won't be able to post to any interactive pages, like forums, classifieds, photo galleries, etc.

They'll also be removed from any custom group they were included in.

If a resident directory is available, the member will no longer appear on this page. They also won't appear in the list of members in the Admin Control Panel.

Because their contact information will have been removed, the member will no longer receive emails, text messages, or letters from the website.

And finally, if the member is the only non-specially-designated member (learn more), their account will be deleted too. Find out what happens when you delete an account.

Deleting your member profile

For security, you cannot delete your own member profile (even if you're an admin). There are several alternatives, though:

  1. Another member of your account could delete your member profile (learn how).

  2. An admin could delete your member profile from the "Members" section of the Admin Control Panel.

  3. You could delete your whole account and all of its members (learn how).


A member cannot be deleted if it's the only one with full administrative privileges. Every website needs to have at least one full admin who's responsible for managing and maintaining the website.

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