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Admins updating member and account information
Admins updating member and account information

What admins can update on member profiles and accounts.

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While there's a number of details that can be updated by an administrator, there's some member and account information that's protected for privacy, data accuracy, and security. This article goes over what information an admin can and cannot update.

Information that can be updated by admins

Partial member information

Admins can update member information for partial members (i.e. members without an email address or the ability to log in). To do this, you'll need to visit the “Member view” in the “Members” section of the Admin Portal. Here, find the member you’d like to edit and click on the pencil icon under the "Details" column.

Since partial members have been registered without an email address, they're unable to log into their member profile to make updates. Therefore, administrators may make changes to a partial member's first name, last name, and add an email address to their member profile. 

Once an email address has been added to a partial member's profile, that member will be considered a full member. All members with email addresses must log into their member profile to manage their individual contact information and preferences.

Account type and addresses

Admins can, at any time, update an account's type. Admins can also manage an account's addresses and information/designations directly related to addresses

To edit this information, visit the “Account view” in the “Members” section of the Admin Portal. Find the account you’d like to edit and click on the “Action…” button. From the drop-down menu, select the "Change account type" or “Manage addresses” options.

Information that cannot be updated by admins

Email addresses and passwords

We're big into security and want to protect both members and admins from harm. A member's email address and password are used for logging into any community website powered by HOA Express that a person is registered on.

Allowing an admin to change this information would allow an unscrupulous admin to gain unauthorized access to a member's profile and account. This could be used to fraudulently access their own website under the other member's name or even access a different community's website, should that member be registered on multiple community websites.

Therefore, by closing off the possibility of gaining unauthorized access, our system protects members from harm. Secondly, administrators are protected from the liability of this being a possibility and from false claims of unauthorized access.

Names and cell phones

A member's email address can be used to register for multiple community websites, all of which share the same login credentials. This makes it especially convenient for members with properties in several different neighborhoods, and for property managers with accounts on many websites. We do not allow administrators to update a member's name and cell phone for this reason, as changes to these items would affect every community website on which the member has registered.

Contact preferences

By default, most contact preferences are enabled when people first register. If one of those contact preferences (which is enabled by default) is turned off, it's because the member has manually opted-out of those communications. As a company, we need to ensure those preferences are honored, so they cannot be updated by admins. If they could be re-enabled, it's likely the member would start to mark those unwanted emails as spam, which could cause future legitimate emails to be marked as spam automatically.

Privacy preferences

Like contact preferences, a person's personal decisions regarding their privacy preferences should be honored, and it's our responsibility to ensure that they are. We do not allow admins to arbitrarily alter people's privacy preferences.

Extra profile information

In addition to basic contact information, members can share extra information about themselves by adding a profile photo, linking to social media websites, writing a short bio, etc. People are invited to do this at various times, like when they first register. While many people voluntarily add this information, others prefer not to share this information—and that's okay. It's our job to respect that choice, and therefore we do not permit admins to alter someone else's profile information.

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