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Update your online payments platform from PayPal
Update your online payments platform from PayPal

Benefits of switching from PayPal to our online payments platform and how to upgrade legacy payment options.

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In 2016, we introduced a new online payments platform that provides a more streamlined, secure, convenient, and cost-effective way for your community to collect online payments.  

Benefits of switching

  • New option to pass transaction fees on to members (this practice is expressly prohibited by PayPal, our old payment processor).

  • Access to lower transaction fees via bank account payments.

  • You don't need extra third-party accounts by either your community or your members.

  • All reporting information is available directly from the Admin Portal.

  • Enhanced visibility on our end lets our team provide much better support—no need to wait for PayPal's customer service.

  • All existing payment options, settings, and payment history will remain intact.

  • Ability to seamlessly migrate existing PayPal online payment options to our new platform.

Upgrade to our new online payments platform

To upgrade to our modern online payments platform, you’ll first need to complete a quick setup process. To do so, visit the “Online payments” section in the Admin Portal. Here, click the “complete a quick setup process” link in the tan notice (pictured below).

For more details about this process, check out this article: Setting up online payments.

Upgrade legacy payment options

Once you have completed the setup process for our online payments platform, if you have any payment options that are still powered by PayPal, you can seamlessly upgrade them to our modern online payments platform.

To do that, click the magnifying glass to view the details of a legacy payment option. Next, in the yellow notice (pictured below), click the "Upgrade now" button to make the switch!

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