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About What's Happening emails
About What's Happening emails

An overview of what this email includes and how to manage its frequency.

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One of our most popular features is our signature What's Happening email. This email is sent weekly or monthly and includes a summary of notable new content and upcoming events. It's a great way to keep members informed about changes in one concise email!

Sending frequency

Each member registered with an email address on your website will have four different choices for the What's Happening email—recommended, weekly, monthly, or never. By default, the recommended choice is used for all members. However, members can change this at any time by visiting their "Member settings." To learn more about how members can update this, check out this help article.

The recommended frequency is determined by the website administrator from the "Settings" page in the “Members” section in the Admin Portal.

  1. Here, click on the "Emails" tab.

  2. Under the "Default What's Happening frequency" heading, select from the options of weekly, monthly, or never.

  3. Lastly, click the "Save" button.

Content selection

When sending the What's Happening email, our system looks at factors like page restrictions and member privileges when forming each email. This way, a member is only ever notified about the content they have permission to view. Below, you'll find a list of all content that could be included in the What's Happening email:

  • Events occurring between now and when the next email is generated plus two days.

  • Forum topics and comments that have been posted since the last email.

  • News articles published since the last email.

  • Documents uploaded since the last email.

  • Classified ads posted since the last email.

  • Recipes posted since the last email.

  • Photo gallery photos uploaded since the last email.

  • Surveys that have been created since the last email.

  • Online dues that have been created since the last email.

If there isn't any new content or upcoming events posted to your website, a What's Happening email will not be delivered. 

This also means that if new content has been posted to restricted pages on your website, it's possible that some members may receive a What's Happening email while others may not (depending on the page restrictions).

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