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About the activity log
About the activity log

Overview of what the activity log is and where to find it.

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The β€œActivity log” in the Admin Portal is available to all full administrators and provides a record of actions or changes made on your website within the last 2 years, along with which member performed each.

This is useful for determining why a particular outcome occurred, like why a page is no longer on the website or who approved a new member.

Viewing the activity log

First, visit the "Activity log" section in the Admin Portal. Here, you can see when an action occurred, what that action was, and which member performed it. You can additionally use the search bar to find a specific action in the log.

Exporting activity log

If you'd like to have a copy of this log for your records, you can click on the "Export" button at the top of the "Activity log" section to download a CSV file of all entries.

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