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More information about the pricing changes taking effect October 1, 2022.

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Starting October 1st, our new pricing will take effect to allow HOA Express to continue to provide a world-class experience for our customers. We provided an overview of the new pricing and what to expect in the following blog post: Announcing new pricing.

You can find more information about this change in the questions below.

What is the difference between members and accounts?

On our platform, a member represents an individual that has registered on your website. An account groups members and addresses and typically represents a single household in the community. Therefore, an account most commonly contains one or two members, and one address (although accounts can contain more members and/or addresses).

The pricing is based on the number of approved accounts on your website, not members. You can view how many accounts are on your website from the "Account view" in the "Members" section of the Admin Portal.

Which accounts count towards the community size?

All approved accounts will count towards your community size. This includes accounts that are suspended. Accounts pending review will not count towards this until they are approved.

How and when will the community size be determined?

Our system will auto-select the smallest possible size that accommodates the number of approved accounts currently registered for your community. If your community is subscribed via credit/debit card or bank account, the selection will happen when the payment is initiated on the first renewal date that falls on or after October 1st. If your community is subscribed via mailed checks, the selection will happen when the invoice is generated, about 30 days before the renewal date, for renewals that fall on or after October 1st.

The “Billing” section of the Admin Portal will let you know what size we’ll auto-select based on the current number of approved accounts in your community and the pricing for that threshold. This number may change if you add or remove accounts before the auto-selection happens.

How can I view the accounts in my community?

You can view your community’s accounts in the Admin Portal. If you have more than 50 accounts, the pagination component at the bottom of the list will display the total number of approved accounts:

What happens once the community size is reached?

Your community won’t be able to add any new, approved accounts to your website. Members can still register, so your community won’t lose any member registrations, but admins won’t be able to approve newly-registered accounts until your community size is increased. If your community has chosen to auto-approve new accounts, this setting will be ignored and newly-registered accounts will require approval.

If an admin attempts to import new accounts in bulk, if the number of accounts being added would exceed the size allowed, the import process won’t be able to be completed until your community size is increased.

Will I be able to choose a larger community size than what is auto-selected for me?

Yes! After the auto-selection occurs, you’ll be able to choose a larger size if needed.

Are there any changes coming October 1st not mentioned in the announcement post?

Yes, we’re making a few other minor changes starting October 1st. Those are listed below:

  • Free plan websites will be limited to 100 accounts

  • Websites on a free trial of the deluxe plan will be limited to 15 accounts

  • Unpaid invoices will start expiring 60 days after their due date

What happens between the announcement and the effective date for the new pricing?

Not much will change! Subscriptions and renewals will occur as they normally would. The only notable change is that billing frequencies that are being removed with the new pricing (e.g., quarterly or multi-year billing frequencies) won't be available when subscribing or changing your billing frequency.

What happens if I’m on a billing frequency that is no longer available?

For simplicity, we’re reducing our billing frequency options to monthly and yearly. If you were previously on a monthly billing frequency, you will remain on the monthly option. For those that had a quarterly or multi-year billing frequency, you will automatically be moved to the annual billing frequency at the same time that your community size is auto-selected.

Will the 25% discount for existing customers apply to multiple renewals if you pay monthly?

Only the first renewal will receive the 25% discount.

How will billing work if my payment method is mailed checks?

If your invoice’s due date is before the effective date of pricing changes, October 1st, you will be billed the previous pricing, as long as your check arrives before the invoice expires (60 days after the due date).

For invoice due dates that fall on October 1st or later, the invoice will reflect the new pricing, plus a special 25% discount if the due date takes place during the special discount period (October 1, 2022—December 31, 2022) and you’re an existing customer. This discount will apply as long as the check arrives before the invoice expires.

When will the letter pricing decrease?

This change will occur on October 1st, and the lower pricing will immediately be available to all communities.

What happens if I have more existing email accounts than what the limit allows?

Those email accounts will remain on your website and will be fully functional. However, you won't be able to create new email accounts until you subscribe to a larger community size.

If you decide to remain at the same community size, you will need to remove enough email accounts to be below the limit before you can create a new one.

We also just introduced an email alias feature that will allow you to create up to 10 additional unique email addresses for every email account! Therefore, even if you are not able to create new email accounts, you have the option to use the email alias feature to create new aliases for existing email accounts.

What happens if I am on the free plan and have more that 100 accounts, or on a trial and have more than 15 accounts?

Those accounts will remain on your website and will be fully functional. However, starting October 1st, you won’t be able to add any new accounts unless your community subscribes to the deluxe plan.

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