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Adding an alternate location
Adding an alternate location

How to add more than one location for your community.

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While the majority of communities contain addresses in just one location (for the United States, we're referring to the combination of city, state, and ZIP code), some communities span across multiple locations.

Who should use this feature?

The alternate locations feature should only be used if addresses in your community span across multiple cities, postal codes, etc. If all addresses in your community share the same location, you shouldn't use this feature.


  1. In the “Members” section of the Admin Portal, click on the “Settings" button.

  2. On the next page, select the "Alternate locations" tab.

  3. Then, click the "Add alternate location" button to specify the details about this alternate location.

  4. Once you've finished, click "Add." 

After you've added an alternate location, when an "inside the community" address is added or edited, you'll see a choice of location presented. 

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