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Adding forwarding email addresses
Adding forwarding email addresses

How to forward a copy of all incoming emails to other email addresses.

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Any of your community-branded email accounts can be configured to forward all incoming email messages to up to 20 other email addresses.

Communities commonly use this feature for group email accounts, like "[email protected]," to forward incoming messages to every current board member's personal email address.

Setting up forwarding 

First, visit the "Email accounts" section in the Admin Portal. Here, locate the existing email account you'd like to edit. Next, click on the blue pencil icon under the "Forwarding" column.

This will take you to a page where you can add the forwarding email addresses. After entering the first email address, additional fields will populate, allowing you to add up to 20 different email addresses to the forwarding list.

Once you've finished, click "Save." Now, all incoming email messages sent to that email account will be forwarded to the email addresses you've entered in those fields!

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