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How to display a weather summary on your homepage.

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A brief summary of the current weather in your community can be posted in the top right corner of the banner photo. 

The information will include the current condition description, the current temperature, and the humidity percentage. Temperature will be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius based on your website's units of measurement setting.

How to add weather

  1. Visit your website's homepage.

  2. Click the blue "Modify settings" button.

  3. Check the "Show the current weather" option.

  4. Click the blue "Save" button.

Alternate location

By default, the weather will use the location of your community. You can, however, specify an alternate location that's just used for weather on the homepage. This can be found by clicking the same "Modify settings" button on the homepage. In here, you can specify a city, postal code, or any other text that identifies a location.

Reasons to use an alternate location

  • The weather does not load for your community's location. If this occurs, you can try using a nearby city for your weather data.

  • Your location's weather is consistently inaccurate. If you believe this is happening, you may want to try a nearby city with a different weather station.

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