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Sharing survey results
Sharing survey results

How to display survey results to your community.

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While admins with the "surveys" privilege can view survey results from the "Surveys" section in the Admin Portal, other members in the community would not have access to this information. Therefore, if you would like to share the results of a survey with the rest of the members in your community, you can do so by adding a "Survey Results" page to your website. 

Adding a "Survey Results" page 

First, you'll want to add the "Survey Results" page from the "Pages" section in the Admin Portal. Once added, on this page, click the blue "Choose survey" button and select which survey you'd like to display the results for. 

For each "Survey Results" page, you can display the results for a single survey. Therefore, if you'd like to display the results of several surveys, we recommend adding multiple survey pages and then grouping them together under a folder.

What happens when you delete a survey?

If you delete a survey that was displayed on a "Survey Results" page, it will no longer display those results. Instead, you will need to select another survey to display results for.

Restrict access

If you would like to keep these results within your community, you will want to restrict the page so members will be required to log in to view the results.

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