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Managing surveys
Managing surveys

How to edit or delete a survey and how to change the active status.

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Administrators with the "surveys" privilege can easily manage surveys that have been created from the “Surveys” section in the Admin Portal. Read on to learn more about the different ways you can manage this feature!

Editing a survey

The survey can be renamed directly from the survey list in the “Surveys” section of the Admin Portal. To rename a survey, click on the existing name to open a text box. After entering the new survey name, press the green “Save” button.

To make other changes to the survey, click the pencil icon under the “Edit” column.

Note: You can edit everything about a survey before any responses are provided; after that, the questions themselves won't be editable, but the title and introduction can still be updated.

Marking surveys as active and inactive

All newly created surveys will automatically be placed in an active status and will be accessible to all full members.

To mark a survey as inactive, click the green checkmark icon found in the "Active" column. That will place your survey in an inactive status. Clicking this button again will make it active once again. Inactive surveys won't be available for members to submit responses to.

Deleting a survey

Administrators with the "surveys" privilege can visit the "Surveys" section in the Admin Portal to delete a survey.

Here, click the trash can icon under the "Delete" column next to the survey you wish to delete. Anytime a survey is marked inactive or is deleted, it will automatically disappear from the notification drop-down that shows up for each member (learn more).

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