Folders are an excellent way to organize a list of pages. This feature allows you to group similar pages under a single heading making easier for visitors to navigate your website.

When a visitor clicks the folder name from the page menu, the folder will expand to reveal a list of the pages included inside of it. You can even include a subfolder that would be visible under the main folder (learn how).

As an example, you might create a folder named "Community Documents" and insert pages for meeting minutes, financial reports, and governing documents inside of it. 

How to add a folder

  1. Visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Control Panel. 

  2. Click the "Add folder" button from the options listed at the top of the page. 

  3. Enter a name for the folder (e.g. Documents, Photos, Links), then click the blue "Add" button. After creating a new folder, scroll to the bottom of the page list. This is where you will find the newly created folder. 

  4. Move the folder where you would like it to be placed in the page menu and above the pages you want to add inside of it. To do this, click and drag the arrow in the "Order" column either up or down. 

Placing existing pages inside of a folder 

The next step is to add pages inside of your folder. If pages are not added inside of a folder, the folder will not appear in the page menu.

Move each page inside the folder by clicking the arrows found in the "Order" column and dragging and dropping each page to be placed directly beneath the folder.

An arrow will appear in the "Move" column next to each page listed under the folder. Click on this arrow to move the page inside of the folder. All pages moved into a folder will be indented within the page list and will be numbered in accordance with the parent folder (e.g. 1.1, 1.2). 

Add a new page to an existing folder automatically

  1. When creating a new page, you can click the drop-down labeled "Place this page in a folder..." just above the "Add" button. The list of folders in the drop-down menu will consist of all folders currently created. Select the folder you'd like your new page placed inside of.

  2. Then, click the blue "Add" button.

Your new page will now be automatically added inside of the selected folder. As you can see, creating a folder prior to adding the pages you plan to place inside of it can save you a few steps!

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