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Creating surveys
Creating surveys

Instructions on how to create a survey.

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Creating a survey is a great way to gather beneficial feedback from your community! You can learn a lot by simply asking. Outlined below are step-by-step instructions on how to get started.


  1. First, visit the "Surveys" section in the Admin Portal.

  2. Here, click the "Create survey" button.

  3. Start by adding a name for your survey. You can also add an introduction to describe the purpose of the survey, explain instructions, etc. 

  4. Continue by adding your first question. You can select to have responses be either free responses or include preset choices. To add another question to your survey, simply select the "Add question" button.

  5. Then, choose if you'd like your survey responses to be limited to one per member or one per account.

  6. Lastly, review your survey and then click "Create." 

Now, the active survey will be available for registered and approved members logged into your website to view and submit a response!

Note: You can edit everything about a survey before any responses are provided; after that, the questions themselves won't be editable, but the title and introduction can still be updated. 

To learn how to send out an announcement for your newly created survey, check out this article: Announcing surveys!

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