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Homepage rotating photos and YOTM
Homepage rotating photos and YOTM

How to add rotating photos and/or a yard of the month photo.

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Your homepage is the first impression visitors are going to have of your website, therefore, we've made sure to include features that are going to help you put your best foot forward! In addition to adding the weather and upcoming events and recent news articles, you can also customize your homepage by adding rotating photos and yard of the month (YOTM) winners in your community. Here's how:

Rotating photos

To add rotating photos to your homepage, click on the blue "Manage rotating photos" button in the light blue admin box and upload the photos you would like to display of your community. 

One thing you won't want to forget is to check the box next to "Show rotating photos" so everyone can enjoy the photos you've added.

Yard of the month

Another great way to personalize your homepage is to display the beautiful gardens and lawns that win yard of the month in your community!

To add this, first, click on the dark blue "Manage YOTM" button in the light blue admin box. Then, upload that month's winner and add a short description or the address of the winner so others can go by and admire their yard as well. 

Once again, don't forget to check the "Show yard of the month box" so this will be visible on your homepage.

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