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Uploading and managing documents
Uploading and managing documents

Instructions for uploading and managing documents on a "Documents" page type.

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The "Documents" page type is great for uploading meeting minutes, PDF forms, newsletters, and so much more to your website. You can easily upload new documents, and edit ones already uploaded, with the buttons found in the light blue admin box on that page. 

How to upload documents

  1. On your "Documents" page, click on the blue "Upload new documents" button. 

  2. Next, click on the "Choose file(s)..." button to browse your computer and select your desired documents. You can upload multiple documents at once by selecting one, holding down the "Shift" key on your keyboard, and selecting the others. The total size of the files being uploaded must be under 20mb (learn more).

  3. Click "Upload." This will import each of the files selected into the page.

Managing current documents

You can easily manage the documents on your page by using the "Edit/remove current documents" button in the light blue admin box.

Reordering documents

To reorder documents, click on the arrow icon under the "Order" column and drag it up or down to adjust the placement of the documents in the list. Once you've finished, click "Save."

Deleting documents

To delete a document, click on the red "X" icon under the "Delete" column. Then, click "Save."

Renaming a document

To rename a document, click on the text box field in the "File" column" and enter the file name you'd like to display. Then, click "Save."

Transferring documents

If a document needs to be moved to another "Documents" page, you can quickly transfer a document from one page to another. To do this, click on the "Transfer documents" button. Find the document you need to transfer and click on the drop-down menu under the "Transfer to... " column. After selecting the page you'd like to move it to click on the right-hand arrow icon. 

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