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Updating the banner photo
Updating the banner photo

How to add a new banner photo for your website.

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The banner photo is the main photo that appears at the top of every page on your website and is a design element that's great for showcasing your community and its surroundings.

Full website administrators can update (but not remove) the banner photo at any time by visiting the "Settings" section of the Admin Portal.

Once you upload a photo, the interface will let you crop the photo down to a 10:3, width to height ratio. Therefore, we recommend the banner photo be 1,000 x 300 pixels to fit the most of the image into the crop and avoid distortion. 


  1. In the “Settings” section of the Admin Portal, click on the “Website appearance” tab from the list of categories.

  2. On the next page, select the "Banner" tab. 

  3. Here, click the “Choose a new banner image..." button to select your new banner photo.

  4. Lastly, adjust the photo to your liking and click “Save.” 

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