Add a link as a page

How to include a link as an item within the page menu.

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If you'd like to direct residents and website visitors to content posted on another website, such as a local government's website, your community's social media accounts, or local businesses and services, adding a link as a page will be just what you need!


  1. Visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Portal, and click "Add link" from the menu at the top of the page.

  2. On the next page, fill in the fields shown on your screen. The text that is entered in the "Title" field will appear as the page name within the page menu.

  3. Include the URL to the page you'd like to direct visitors.

  4. If you'd like this link to be placed inside of an existing folder, choose the folder from the drop-down menu located just above the "Add" button.

  5. When finished, click the green "Add” button.

Your link will now appear as a page of its own within in your page menu. When a visitor clicks on this page, it will redirect them to the URL you included.

Adding a social media link

When including a URL to a social media page, our interface will intelligently recognize popular social media URLs, and will add a friendly icon next to the page name in the menu.

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