Reordering pages and folders

Instructions for changing the order of pages and folders in the page menu.

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After you've added pages and folders to your website, you will have the ability to re-order them within the page list. 

How-to reorder pages

  1. First, visit the “Pages” section in the Admin Portal and find the page you'd like to reorder in the page list.

  2. Next, under the "Move" column, click on the double arrow icon. While holding it down, you'll see the corresponding page icon appear.

  3. To move the page, drag the arrow icon up or down in the list to your desired location.

Reordering folders

You can also reorder a folder and all of the pages inside of it at one time by clicking on the double arrow icon under the "Move" column. From here, you'll see a folder icon appear in addition to the number of pages within that folder you'll be moving.

Next, drag and hover the folder and its contents up and down in the list to its desired location.

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