Add an extra layer of organization to your website by adding a subfolder and placing it inside of a parent folder. To learn how to create a parent folder, visit our "About folders" help article.

Create the folder

To create the subfolder, visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Portal. Here, click on the "Add folder" button from the menu at the top of the page.

Next, enter the name of the subfolder, then click the blue "Add" button.

Move the folder

After you've created the folder, move it below the parent folder and above the pages you'd like added inside of it. To do this, click and drag the double arrow icon under the "Order" column.

Next, move the new folder into the parent folder by clicking the right-hand arrow under the "Move" column. The folder will indent (eg. 15.3 as shown below) to indicate it is now inside of the parent folder. Once moved, it will become a subfolder.

Add pages into the subfolder

Afterward, use the right-hand arrow icon under the "Move" column to move pages below this inside of the subfolder. Those pages will indent after clicking on the right arrow to indicate that they've been moved into the subfolder (eg. 15.3.1 as shown below).

Below is an example of how this will now look in the page menu on your website:

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