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Remedy suppressed email addresses
Remedy suppressed email addresses

Common underlying reasons for suppressed email addresses and how to remedy them.

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Using the email auditor tool in the "Communications" section in the Admin Portal allows you to diagnose why an email address isn't receiving messages and remove that email address from a suppression list it may be on. This way, that email address won’t drop messages sent to it from your community’s website.

Prior to unsuppressing an email address, you’ll want to resolve the underlying reason why that email address ended up on the suppression list to avoid this from happening again in the future. Below is a list of common underlying issues and recommendations for resolving them.

Issue: Bounced email

The email was rejected by the recipient's server. A couple of common reasons this could occur are either the email address does not exist or the mailbox is full.


If the mailbox is full, delete some messages to be able to receive new incoming emails from your website. In the case the email address does not exist, check if there are accidental typos in the email address associated with their profile. If there are, the member can follow these instructions to update that information: Updating an email address.

Issue: Blocked email

This occurs when an email provider blocks the message before it can be received by the recipient. While this can be due to a variety of reasons, this can commonly happen if the “from” email address (e.g., [email protected]) has been added to the email account's blacklist.


Review your email account’s settings to see if the “from” address(es) have been blacklisted by the email provider. If so, add the “from” email addresses to the Safe Senders list on your email account.

Issue: Spam report

The message wasn’t delivered due to a past message being marked as spam, usually by the recipient, after it was delivered. In some cases, though, the email provider may mark a message as spam before it ever reaches the recipient's inbox.


First, be careful not to mark messages as spam, including moving messages to a spam/junk folder, which will typically automatically report the message as spam. Next, add the “from” email address(es) to the contact list and Safe Senders List on your email account. This will whitelist the email address and should avoid future emails being marked as spam.

If you have further questions about why an email address was suppressed and need assistance with how to remedy this, please contact our customer success team!

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