As an alternative to paying with a card and bank account, your community can also pay by mailing in checks. You'll see this listed as an option when subscribing to the deluxe plan or when updating your plan information in the "Billing" section of the Admin Control Panel.

When paying with mailed checks, you'll be prompted to enter an invoice recipient. This is the person to whom invoices will be emailed. You can update this information at any time from the "Billing" section in the Admin Control Panel.

Note: Paying with mailed checks is not available for communities located outside of the United States or for communities subscribed to the monthly billing frequency.

Payment emails

When your community has subscribed via mailed checks, the following emails will be sent leading up to your next payment due date.

Time Frame


35 days before the due date

Email sent to administrators with the "billing" privilege asking them to verify that the invoice recipient listed in the "Billing" section is still accurate.

30 days before the due date

Invoice emailed to invoice recipient.

One week before the due date

If we haven't received the check by this time, we'll email the invoice to the invoice recipient a second time.

2 days after the check was due

If we haven't received the check by this time, we'll email administrators with the "billing" privilege to let them know.

Check received and processed

When we receive the check, we'll process it and update the "Billing" section. A receipt will be emailed to administrators with the "billing" privilege.

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