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Who is the invoice recipient?
Who is the invoice recipient?

Overview of who an invoice recipient is.

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The invoice recipient is only relevant for communities who have chosen to pay via mailed checks. Many communities have a dedicated person who writes checks for services, like your property manager or a community treasurer. For this reason, communities who've selected mailed checks as their payment method will need to specify the name and email address of their invoice recipient. We'll email invoices to this person so that they can mail in a payment.

A few days before we mail any invoice, we'll contact all administrators with the "billing" privilege and remind them to verify the accuracy of the invoice recipient. We'll also notify these administrators if we don't receive the check by the due date. This way, we'll help eliminate any inaccuracies or issues in the process. If you'd like to learn more about paying with checks, we recommend reviewing the following article: Payments by check.

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