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How to delete your own account
How to delete your own account

Instructions for removing your info from your community website.

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Removing your account from your community website will delete all of your contact information and personal details stored on the website—for you and any other member stored in your account. It will also prevent all of your account's members from logging in or receiving future communications. To learn more about what happens when you delete an account and its members, see:

Note: if you want to just delete just your member profile and not your whole account (with all its members), you'll need another member of your account to delete your member profile.


To begin, first make sure you're logged into your community website. You can do so by clicking the log in link at the top right of the website.

Next, visit your account settings:

And then, on the "Privacy" tab, click the "Delete my account" button:

You'll be asked to confirm your decision before the action is taken. Once confirmed, your account will be immediately and permanently deleted.

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