Each page can have dedicated page editors with the ability to add, update, and delete information on that specific page. This is a great way to put someone in charge of a specific page without granting them the "pages" admin privilege, which would give them access to manage all pages on the website.


  1. Visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Control Panel. 
  2. Click the icon in the "Settings" column for the page you'd like to assign a page editor(s).
  3. Select the individual members you'd like to add as a page editor from the "Add..." dropdown. Any administrator with the "pages" privilege will automatically be listed just above this drop-down menu. This is because those members will have the ability to edit the page by default due to their admin privilege.
  4. Save the changes using the blue "Save" button at the bottom.

For tips on best practices for adding someone as a page editor versus granting them the "pages" privilege, check out this blog post: When to choose a page editor vs the pages privilege.

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