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Overview of publishing and unpublishing pages on the website.

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For the pages on your website, they will either be published or unpublished. Published pages will display on your website for visitors to view, while unpublished pages will be hidden from the page menu on the website. You can select whether you want a page to be published or unpublished when creating a page and can update this at any point after that.

Unpublished setting

Unpublishing a page is a great option if you’d like to work on adding content to it before it’s visible on the website to others. Only administrators with the “pages” privilege will be able to visit the “Pages” section in the Admin Portal to add content to an unpublished page.

As a note, although unpublishing a page will ensure visitors do not see the page in the menu on the website, this doesn't prevent someone from accessing the page in the event they have the direct URL to it. Therefore, it is possible to still link to an unpublished page, which is helpful if you'd like to use it as a link but would rather not have it listed in the page menu.

Selecting the published setting when creating a page

When creating a page on your website, you'll select whether you’d like it to start off as either published or unpublished. On the “Add a page” screen, click on the drop-down menu under “Start as” and select your desired published setting. Then, click “Add.”

If you decide to have a new page be unpublished, once it’s created you’ll be taken directly to that page to start adding content. However, it won't appear in the page menu on the website since it’s not published for other visitors to see. An example of this is shown in the GIF below.

Changing the published setting on an existing page

  1. To update a published setting, visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Portal.

  2. Here, find the unpublished page and click on the wheel icon under the "Settings" column.

  3. On the next page, under the “Published” section, click on the drop-down menu. Here, select “Yes” to publish the page and “No” to unpublish it.

  4. Lastly, click “Save.”

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