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Get more information on RSVPs
Get more information on RSVPs

How to prompt a member for additional information when RSVPing to an event.

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If you need additional information from members who are attending an event, you can include a question for them to answer when RSVPing. 

This can be useful if you need to know how many people will be coming with that member, what food item that member is bringing, etc. Once they RSVP, you'll be able to see the member's response in the list of RSVPs.

How to ask for more information

To prompt the member for additional information, fill out the input labeled "Prompt member to answer the following question" when creating or editing an event.

How members will respond 

When members log into their member profile to RSVP that they are "Going," the prompt will appear with your question listed and a field for their answer. 

The members that responded with "Going" or "Maybe" will display to the right when the event is selected on the calendar page by anyone with access to the page.

Viewing the responses

As an administrator or page editor, you can view the answers to the prompt by clicking on the event. In here, click on the blue "View RSVPs details" button. When viewing the RSVP details, you be able to see a list of members that will be attending the event and their answers to your question.

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