Adding page editors

How to add page editors to manage an individual page.

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For the pages you add to your website, you can select to have dedicated page editors. The page editors will have the ability to add, update, and delete information on that individual page. 

Who can be a page editor?

When adding page editors, you'll be able to select from the following options:

  • Groups

  • Account types

  • Individual members


  1. First, visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Portal.

  2. Here, find the page you’d like to assign a page editor to and click on the wheel icon under the "Settings" column.

  3. On the next page, under the “Page editors” section, select who you'd like to add as a page editor from the "Add..." drop-down menu. As a note, any administrator with the "pages" privilege will automatically be listed here since those members have the ability to edit all pages on the website.

  4. Once you've finished, click on the "Save" button.

If you'd like to learn more about the differences between page editors and the administrative "pages" privilege, check out the following article: When to choose a page editor vs. the pages privilege

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