If you'd like to change your temporary address or your domain name, you can do so at any time! We've listed instructions for how to make these changes below. 

Changing a temporary address

Your temporary address will look something like example.communitysite.com. To change this, first visit the "Domains" page in the "Settings" section of the Admin Portal. Here, click on the white "Change" button and enter the new website address you'd like to use.

Note: You can only change the part before the .communitysite.com extension.

Changing a domain name

If you'd like to change your domain name, which looks like yourcommunity.com, you can do so within the first week of setting it up from the "Domains" page in the "Settings" section of the Admin Portal. Contact our customer success team if it's been longer than a week since you set up your domain.

In this section, find the domain you've set up. Next, click on the red trash can icon under the "Remove" column to delete it. After you've removed your domain, you'll be able to set up another one by following the instructions found in the following article: How to set up a domain.

Note: Replacing your domain may incur a small fee. Review our terms of service for more details.

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