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About domains

Overview of what a domain is and who can set up a custom domain.

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Domains are an excellent way to give your website a memorable address! A domain name looks like and is also used for community-branded email accounts such as [email protected].ย 

Besides being easier to remember, using a custom domain for your website gives your community a professional website address to visit and helps with rankings in search results. For ideas on creating a custom domain for your community, check out this blog post: Create a domain your community will love.

Who is eligible to set up a custom domain?

All websites with an active subscription to the deluxe plan can either choose to create a custom domain or set up an existing domain they already own. Either choice is free and included in the deluxe plan.ย 

All new domains that are created are conveniently purchased, set up, and maintained automatically by us. If you have an existing domain that you own, you can use that as well!

Once your community's first payment has been received and processed, a new message will appear on the โ€œDomainsโ€ page in the "Settings" section of the Admin Portal. From there, you'll want to click on the "Set one up now" link to get started (learn more).

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