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How long does it take to set up a domain?
How long does it take to set up a domain?

Timeline of the domain setup process.

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New domain

If the domain you've chosen is brand new and our system is setting it up on your behalf, the process usually takes an hour or less to complete, but can take up to 24 hours in very rare circumstances. We'll notify you via email when the domain is ready to go!

Existing domain 

If you're setting up an existing domain (one that your community already owns), the setup time can vary based on who will manage the domain.

Community managed domains

If your community will manage the domain, then you'll just need to update its nameservers. This type of change can take between 3-48 hours to propagate across the internet. After that happens, your domain will be ready to go.

HOA Express managed domains

If your community has opted for us to manage the domain, the transfer process will typically take between 5-10 calendar days. Most of that time is spent in a hands-off processing phase.

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