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Domain transfer prerequisites
Domain transfer prerequisites

Overview of steps needed to start the domain transfer process.

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If you're transferring management of your domain to HOA Express, you'll need to complete a transfer process. To start that process, you'll need to make sure a few items are in order. Our interface will guide you through each of these prerequisites step-by-step to make sure your domain will transfer successfully. But just for reference, we've identified the major prerequisites below.

Unlock domain/remove private registration

If a domain is in a locked state, it cannot be transferred. Therefore, you'll need to unlock your domain before transferring the domain to our service. 

You’ll also need to check with your current domain registrar to see if removing private registration is required by them to transfer the domain. If so, we recommend doing this before initiating the domain transfer.

Transfer authorization code

A transfer authorization code (also referred to as an EPP code or a domain's secret) is a code that prevents unauthorized transfers. It's usually a string of letters, numbers, and symbols about 10-25 characters long. You'll need this code to transfer a domain to our management. Your current domain registrar is the only one able to supply you with this code.

Additional assistance

The above tasks are handled through your domain's current registrar (the company you purchased the domain from). Therefore, for instructions on how to complete these steps, it's best to contact your domain registrar's support team.

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