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Community managed vs. HOA Express managed domains
Community managed vs. HOA Express managed domains

Explanation of the differences between domains managed by HOA Express and those managed by a community.

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When setting up an existing domain, you'll be asked who you'd like to manage it. Curious about what it means when a domain is managed by HOA Express vs. your community? Read below to find out!

HOA Express managed

This is the recommended and most popular method for domains set up on our interface. All new custom domains that are set up through us, and any existing domains that have been transferred to us, will be managed by us. This means we'll handle routine maintenance and renewals automatically at no additional cost to you. 

Having us manage your domain also means keeping all of your online presence tools under one umbrella. This makes passing administration to future board members simpler. Plus, this method allows us to provide your community with better support since we have a complete look at your domain and its settings. It's important to note that, per our terms of service, a domain managed by us is still owned by the community to which it is assigned.

Community managed

A domain that is managed by your community is one that is registered through another domain registrar. A domain registrar is a company like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Network Solutions, or others who allow people to purchase domains from them. Because it is not registered through us, your community becomes responsible for the maintenance of the domain and any initial setup needed. Your community will also be responsible for paying an annual fee to your domain registrar to keep the domain online. 

Because we offer free domain management with the deluxe plan (including paying for renewals and handling any necessary maintenance), we strongly recommend transferring domains to our management. 

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