In addition to granting others members with administrative privileges, we understand things change over time and there will be instances when a current administrator will need to transfer their administrative privileges to another member. 

Therefore, we've created a handy tool that is perfect for members with full administrative rights to use when they will no longer need their privileges to manage their website. A few situations when this may be helpful is when a full admin is moving away from your community, stepping down from the board, or simply passing the responsibility on to a new member.

Before transferring administration, here are a few things you should know:

  • This will remove all administrative privileges from your member profile.
  • You will remain active as a normal member.
  • The new administrator you choose will have full administrative privileges.
  • If your personal billing information is attached to this website, please update it to new information before transferring administration.
  • You cannot undo this action yourself.

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