By default, each page added to your website will be published and visible in your page menu. However, if you're not ready to publish a page there is an option that will allow you to remove it from the page menu.

Although marking a page as unpublished will ensure visitors do not see the page within the page menu, this doesn't prevent someone from accessing the page in the event they have the direct URL to it. Therefore, it is possible to still link to an unpublished page, which can come in handy if you'd like to use it as a link, but would rather not have it listed in the page menu.

How to unpublish a page

  1. Visit the "Pages" section in the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Click the button found in the "Settings" column next to the page you'd like to unpublish.
  3. Uncheck the "Published" checkbox and click "Save." 

The page will now appear in your "Pages" section with an icon next to it as shown in the GIF below. This icon represents an unpublished page, which means it will no longer appear in the page menu on your website.

You can republish pages at any time by following the steps listed above and rechecking the box next to "Published."

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