Across the website, each file you upload cannot exceed the maximum size of 20mb. This is a large upload limit for the types of files being uploaded to a community website. 

If you have a file that exceeds this limit, you'll need to reduce the file size to upload it to your website. To aid in this process, we've linked to a few online tools to reduce file sizes, along with some helpful tips.

Image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif)

  • Online tool to reduce size: 

  • Tip: Resize image to smaller resolution, crop image.  

PDF (.pdf)

  • Online tool to reduce size: Adobe Acrobat Compress PDF

  • Tip: Decrease the resolution, reduce the number of pages, split PDF into multiple documents.  

MP3 (.mp3)

  • Online tool to reduce size: MP3Smaller

  • Tip: Split MP3 into multiple segments.

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