The Markdown editor is a plain text editor that allows for simplified formatting, through intuitive plain text syntax. It’s designed to keep the content you're writing professional, easy-to-read, and concise.

We utilize our Markdown editor when sending blast emails, creating news articles, and when including notes on events, among other places. You'll notice when a text box requires Markdown when "Format using Markdown" is listed just above the text box as shown below.

Can I add images when Markdown is required?

While Markdown isn't meant for especially advanced formatting, it is possible to add images. This can be accomplished by first uploading your image to a photo sharing website such as Imgur. This website will provide you with a publicly accessible URL or Markdown code which is necessary for you to add an image. 

How to obtain a Markdown code using Imgur.

Note: The instructions listed below will work when using a computer, but not a mobile device.

  1. Visit
  2. Upload your photo by browsing and selecting the saved image from your computer.
  3. Once your photo has been uploaded, hover over the image and click the arrow found in the top right-hand corner of the image.
  4. Select "Get share links" and click the "Copy" button to copy the link found in the Markdown (Reddit) section.

Syntax for images


Adding the image to your text

  1. Return to your website and visit the text box using the Markdown editor that you're adding the image to. 
  2. Type an exclamation point. 
  3. Paste the Markdown code you copied from the Imgur website after the exclamation point. Do not add a space in between the exclamation point and the Markdown code.

Preview and finish

Click the preview icon (looks like an eye) before finishing up to ensure you entered the syntax correctly. If your image doesn't appear, check your syntax. 

As shown in the screenshot above, the syntax includes an exclamation point, an opening square bracket, some optional text, a closing square bracket, an opening parenthesis, your image's direct URL, and finally a closing parenthesis. Every character must be present in that order, with no spaces or additional characters.

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