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Website accessibility

Overview of how our websites are ADA compliant.

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When creating the design, layout, organization, etc. of our websites, we use the best practices laid out in the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), developed and published by W3C. In here, there are 14 guidelines organized under 4 foundational principles of what makes web content accessible. These are perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. You can read more about these in detail here: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Our community websites currently meet the most significant accessibility guidelines outlined in the WCAG. There are a few smaller optimizations that are not currently present, but these should not significantly impact the usage of the website. Additionally, as we continue to build our next gen front ends, they will be highly optimized for accessibility!

If an individual with a disability needs to use a screen reader for audio or visual aids, our websites are compatible with this type of software. Even still, if one of these users has difficulty using the website, please contact our customer success team so we can look into this further, and make every effort to address those concerns. 

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